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I am by no means a professional photographer, but I’m proud of the images I capture.  That’s why I was shocked and irritated when going through website logs to discover that several of the photos I have posted here and other places are being used without my permission on other websites.

Now, this is nothing new, and I suppose I should take it as a backhanded complement, but it’s still irritating.  It’s especially irritating when the particular thief doesn’t even take the time to download the photo and re-upload it to their own servers, thereby wasting my bandwidth.  This laziness does, however, allow me to do certain things for retribution.  When a photo is referenced from another person’s website it means that if I change the photo on my site, it also changes the photo on any site that referenced that photo.

I should note that before changing the photo in the example below, I did try to contact the administrator to get an attribution, but that failed, so I made a slight edit to my photo that affected their homepage.

If you are too lazy to take your own photos, let me offer you some pointers.  If you find something on the Google Image Search or similar services and want to use it, contact the creator.  If that’s too much, after stealing the photo simply give a link showing where you got the photo from.


Bike in Marfa, TX

Photo Courtesy of

Still asking to much?  Stop the Google Image Search and head over to and search the Creative Commons photos.  They have a little checkbox for “” and you can take all that your heart desires.

Lesson over…you’re welcome.

-The Management

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