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It’s no secret to say that I listen to a lot of talk media.  Anyone who has bothered to look at my last.fm profile has noticed a fair number of podcasts mixed in with the music.  Take into account that this only represents the time spent sitting by a device that “scrobbles” to that site.  Not connected are my mp3 player, Meaghan’s mp3 player, and the holy grail of analog – NPR.

At first NPR was a diversion from typical radio.  I grew tired of flipping between 7 clear channel stations trying to locate a song, any song, worth listening to.  As long as I was listening to bad radio,  I figured I might as well catch up on local and world news.

I had listened to public radio before, but this time it was different.  I stumbled into the appropriate demographic unknowingly.  Suddenly the problems or Uganda, or the droning music of John Ailey, or the happenings in Lake Wobegon became interesting to me.  Now I prefer to listen to NPR over anything else on the radio.  I find myself yelling answers at Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, or solving the puzzler of Car Talk.

One particular show resides above all the rest.  I must credit Meaghan with forcing her love of This American Life upon me, and I must thank her for it.  My attraction cannot compare to the almost obsessive love Meaghan has for this hour of radio, but I do love it.  I often fantasize about having Ira Glass introduce a story of mine on his show.  This is followed by public acclaim and having my memoirs reach the top of the New York Times bestsellers list.

So after many years of only being a passive listener, I am now going to assume the roll of storyteller.  If I were to have a story told on This American Life, it would go a little something like this:

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